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Dedicated and hardworking marketer with +6 years’ experience in graphic designing and internet marketing industry. From my passion in marketing and designing I decided to start my own Design & Marketing company at the age of 19;

I've set up this website to show people what I've done and what I can do. Things that I do best: search engine optimization/advertising and marketing, social media advertising and creating social media engagement, display advertising, design advertisements, Google analytics, affiliate markting, installing heatmaps and mousetracking or I can help you with other marketing channels.


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  • 1989-10-30
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  • Oct 1989 - Present

    I've just build this small website to show my portfolio and my resumé.

    Here is also a list of some of the companies I've worked for. 



  • FounderFeb 2009 - Present


    Full-service webdesign & e-marketing company. I develop websites and implement e-marketing strategies for SME’s to create online exposure with SEO and SEA. As of right now I have private individuals, SMEs and micro-businesses, as well as the government in my portfolio for which I build websites, do their branding or create internet-marketing campaigns.

    Screenshots can be found on my Dutch website:



  • Online Marketing ManagerSep 2015 - Feb 2016

    Vacaturebeurs / Dutch Recruit

    I create effective online marketing communications and assist with the development to integrate and effectively email marketing, online advertising and social media. I am responsible for their entire external communications. Vacaturebeurs connects people that are looking for a job with businesses that have an open vacancy.

    A spin-off for the international market is I am responsible for their entire branding and marketing as well.

    Things that I've done/am doing for Vacaturebeurs and Dutch Recruit: 


    -  Webdesign (1)
    -  Logo Design (123)
    -  Roller Up Banner (1)
    -  Emailmarketing (prive)
    -  A/B Testing
    -  Landingpages (1, 2, 3,)
    -  Google Adwords (prive)


  • Online Marketing ManagerJan 2013 - Apr 2014


    With effective use of different online & offline marketing channels like Social Media, SEO and PPC-campaigns(Adwords), Huurbieding got a lot more traffic and online exposure. For Huurbieding I've created a couple of mini-websites / landingpages and we did an extensive e-mail marketing and social media campaign. With help of Mousetracking and Heatmaps I've optimized their conversion and made their website a lot more professional. In one year the taffic and revenue doubled

    Other things that Ive done for Huurbieding:

    -  Speedtesting (1)
    -  Domain Research (1)
    Search Engine Optimization in Bing, Google and Yahoo (12345),
    Adwords campaigns (1234, 5)
    -  Keyword Research (1)
    Media Attention/PR (12345),
    Creating Social Media Buzz (1),
    Landingpages (12, 3, 4 stats,stats2)
    Video-Recording / Mousetracking (1)
    -  Installing and analyzing Heatmaps (1)
    -  E-mailmarketing (1)


    Google " 1st page " results (SERPS)

    - Winkelruimte Huren

    - Kantoorpand Huren

    - Bedrijfsruimte Huren

    - Winkelpand Huren

    - Bedrijfsruimte Huren Rotterdam


    Screenshots can be found in the map /portfolio/huurbieding

  • SEA SpecialistSep 2011 - Feb 2012


    Responsible for different accounts with a variety of tasks. Designing ad copy banners, landing pages, or coordinating and managing their CPC campaigns. I've managed small and big adword campaigns like Misterbed which spend over +€10K a month with adwords. Together with our part partner we created also and some landingpages.  We created our own compitition. 

    Misterbed Google shopping (1, 2)
    Google Adwords/CPC (1234)
    Keyword Research (12)
    Graphic Design (123)
    -  Social Media (1)
    Floortec CPC optimization (1
    Landingpages (1, 2, 3)

    Screenshots are in the map Misterbed-and-Expert and Yavi


  • TelemarketerOct 2008 - Apr 2009

    Add Telecom

    Effectively communicate and promote products to customers by telephone. Advise customers on product benefits. Meet expected sales targets.

  • Marketing & Design ConsultantSep 2010 - Jul 2016

    PC Makelaar

    De PC Makelaar is a Dutch company which repairs computers, laptops and mobile phones. Since its very beginning Mikail Yilmaz asked for my advice in design and marketing. I've helped and still helping De PC Makelaar from a small start-up to become one of the biggest PC/laptop repair companies in its local area.  What I've done since its beginning:

    - Graphic Design: website, logo, businesscards, etc.

    - Social Media marketing

    - Creating Niche websites (Virusscannerwinkel)


  • YoufoneMar 2016 - May 2016

    Online Marketeer

    With a team of marketing specialists we are responsible for the online marketing for Youfone. We manage its adwords campaigns, its affiliate marketing and Youfone's other marketing channels.

  • Extern Marketing ConsultantJan 2015 - Apr 2016

    Repair It Now

    Repair It Now is a company that can repair your Iphone, Samsung, HTC telephone. By developing an online plan of attack, this website is now one of the biggest smartphone repair companies in its area! With a traffic increase of 316% within a year and a half!

    - Search Engine Optimalisation
    - Keyword Research
    - Content Research
    - Competitor Reseach
    - Website (Usabilty & Speed) Optimization

  • Business Intelligence ConsultantJun 2015 - Jul 2016


    Collecting, Analyzing and identifying market and competitive intelligence on customers, markets, trends, competitors & developments so I can create reports for the senior managers with market insights and market opportunities. Working with Big-Data and developing Dashboards.

    My responsibilities at Sonneveld:
    - Collect information on customers, markets, competitors, trends & developments
    - Analyse & translate this information into practical and clear reporting to enable growth for Sonneveld in the Netherlands but also in England, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Hungary 
    - Provide the Marketing Director with in depth information about local marketing/sales strategies in order to gain new business
    - Assist the rest of Sonneveld with reliable, fact based and easy to read rapports whenever they need.
    - Optimize, evolve and automatize the entire Business Intelligence Flow at Sonneveld.


  • Bachelor of Business AdministrationAug 2009 - Oct 2013

    University of Rotterdam

    Marketing Management:

    Marketing Management introduces students to the crucial role that marketing plays in business development. Holders of our Marketing Management qualifications will have a good knowledge and understanding of the key principles of marketing and will be able to relate this to the workplace.

    2 majors:

    • International Business & International Marketing
    • Internet Marketing


    Marketing, Internet-Marketing, Market Research, Communications

  • Bachelor of ArtSep 2007 - Jun 2009

    University of Rotterdam

    Communication & Mutimedia Design

    Communication and Multimedia Design (CMD) is for those who see a future for themselves in the creative industry. CMD students are creative swashbucklers who want to work with the newest technologies and software for a wide range of design applications. 


    Creative Marketing, Usability, Multimedia engineering, Designing, HTML & CSS, Photography


  • Bachelor of Business AdministrationAug 2012 - Jan 2013

    Eastern Kentucky University

    International Business & International Marketing

    It was an exhange program 


    International Business & Marketing, International Marketing, International Business, Accountancy, Communication. 

     Also: Member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity

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